As a webdesigner or webdeveloper it’s always important to keep up with the most recent trends and technologies. Here’s a list of sites that helped me a lot and still do.



Tutsplus is part of the Envato network which provides us also with great sites such as Themeforest or Codecanyon. Doesn’t matter is you’re into Illustration, Development or Game Design – there’s tons of tutorials and resources on every topic. There’s also the possibility to acquire a premium account in order to gain access to even more tutorials and more in depth courses.



Codrops provides you with the latest trends and most awesome CSS snippets. The regularly released collectives always keep you up to date and it’s always stuff like this that blows my mind. Aside from that there’s also great giveaways and inspirational articles.

Smashing Magazine

smashing magazine

The Smashing Magazine has been around since 2006 and is a huge collection of articles from UI Design to WordPress Hacks. With dedicated authors and a very professional standards the Smashing Magazine is always a reliable source to look something up or learn something the right way.



Codeacademy is a site deticated to teaching coding and scripting skills in a very direct way. Whether you’re a beginner and want to learn some HTML fundamentals or you just want to enhance your JavaScript skills, Codeacademy provides you with a variety of courses, each exercise referencing what you learned just before. Overall it’s a great way of learning and it’s totally free.



Codeschool is similar to Codeacademy but with a more deticated and intuitive learning system. Altough most of the courses aren’t free some of them, like this one,¬†are. If you’re willing to pay for the best learing expirence Codeschool is probably the way to go.