Have you ever come across a piece of software or content that requires you to enter your email address or create an account to access? You don’t need to give away your real information and receive lots of spam or enter a fake email address and get stuck when it comes to confirmation.

Utilising a disposable email address really comes in handy from time to time. This is great to create temporary accounts for all kinds of sites, accessing content where a login is required and overall reducing the amount of spam sent to your usual email address. My 2 favourites are Mailinator and Byom.de, which I listed below.

How it works

You can choose any email address you can think of, for example danny123@mailinator.com (if you use mailinator). The trashmail providers will accept mail for any email address sent to the according domain arriving at the servers, and allows anyone to read it. There is no need to register for an account or authenticate via a password. These servers create the temporary Inbox On The Fly adjacent to the recipients name in the address. To check incoming mail you just have to go to the site and enter the same email address. Again, be aware that anybody will be able to open mails sent to this address, since there is no password verification needed.

My Favourites

  • Mailinatorhttp://www.mailinator.com
    Mailinator uses a great interface and is very fast and easy to use. No wonder it is one of the most popular disposable email providers.
  • Byom.de https://www.byom.de
    From time to time some services won’t let you use the more popular trashmail providers. Byom.de really shines here, because it’s a smaller, German provider. Most services will let you use this domain in your email address.

Of course there’s lots of other providers out there. If you know one that you think is better, feel free to leave a comment.

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