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Apple-Swift-Logo Learning Swift Programming

Learning Swift Programming

The advent of Apple’s new programming language Swift, released in October of 2014, caused a massive brawl in the iOS developer community, with it succeeding Objective-C as Apple’s main developing language. Swift is an innovative new programming language with it’s purpose being safer and more efficient than it’s predecessor while still retaining compatibility and a similar API.


Wordpress Backup

Best WordPress Backup Plugin

There are a lot of backup solutions for WordPress out there, but they are either not very easy to use, don’t provide a lot of functionality or are with costs. Since 2014 the makers of Akeeba Backup finally released their system as a WordPress plugin, which in my opinion is the best WordPress backup plugin so far.


Disposable Email | Free Trashmail Providers

Have you ever come across a piece of software or content that requires you to enter your email address or create an account to access? You don’t need to give away your real information and receive lots of spam or enter a fake email address and get stuck when it comes to confirmation.