Apple-Swift-Logo Learning Swift Programming

Learning Swift Programming

The advent of Apple’s new programming language Swift, released in October of 2014, caused a massive brawl in the iOS developer community, with it succeeding Objective-C as Apple’s main developing language. Swift is an innovative new programming language with it’s purpose being safer and more efficient than it’s predecessor while still retaining compatibility and a similar API.


Wordpress Backup

Best WordPress Backup Plugin

There are a lot of backup solutions for WordPress out there, but they are either not very easy to use, don’t provide a lot of functionality or are with costs. Since 2014 the makers of Akeeba Backup finally released their system as a WordPress plugin, which in my opinion is the best WordPress backup plugin so far.


olark chat logo german

Olark German Localization

I was trying to localize the popular Olark Chat plugin for German, but wasn’t able to find anybody who did this already. So I thought I would share this, since maybe this could be useful to somebody else and I had to do it anyway.