There are a lot of backup solutions for WordPress out there, but they are either not very easy to use, don’t provide a lot of functionality or are with costs. Since 2014 the makers of Akeeba Backup finally released their system as a WordPress plugin, which in my opinion is the best WordPress backup plugin so far. I’ve been using Akeeba Backup for quite some time with Joomla! installations and it works just as good with WordPress.

What makes Akeeba Backup better than the competition?

  • It works out of the box, with next to no configuration
  • It provides lots of configuration options if you need them (split archive size, different file formats, …)
  • It’s free

How does it work?

  1. You just need to install the Plugin on your WordPress installation either via the WordPress backend or by manually uploading it.
  2. Go to the plugin page in the backend and click “Backup Now”.
  3. Wait until the backup has finished, then you can manage and download your backup archives.
  4. To unpack an archive you need a file called “kickstart.php” which needs to be executed in the same folder as the archive you want to unpack. You can download it here.
  5. Just follow the installation process and your WordPress installation should be properly deployed on a new environment

I get and error “S203 Default output directory in use”

After having your installation deployed to a new environment, it might give you an error “S203 Default output directory in use” when trying to create additional backups. This is easily resolvable by going to the configurations page, clicking on the folder icon next to the “Output Directory” and just pressing “Use“. This will reset the output directory. Alternatively you can just paste “[DEFAULT_OUTPUT]” into the text field.


If your system doesn’t allow you to use Akeeba Backup for some reason, you could also go with Duplicator which is also a great backup solution for WordPress.

Final thoughts

I think Akeeba Backup is a great system. If you want to take a closer look on how it works you can check out the official documentation.

There’s also a version available for php applications.


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